My COVID-19 Response

Very few of the world’s issues have ever prompted me into action; they often seemed too out of reach. However, the current worldwide situation continues to impact every one of us. It became personal to all of us.

While I am confined comfortably at home and lucky enough to work, I feel restless and in need to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic: to do something—anything—to contribute. It triggered an itch to act.

I want to support an existing relief effort that is personal to me. Therefore, I am promoting a print sale and will give 100% of my proceeds to the Association Djerbienne de France (ADF).

Why the ADF? It all boils down to trust and impact.

The ADF is currently raising funds to provide essential medical equipment to the two hospitals on the island and offer financial relief to the local community from the pandemic’s economic aftermath. The ADF already dispatched[fr] around 30,000 € to local organizations, but they still need your help[fr].

100% of your money goes to donations; that means I will take care of shipping and handling. On a budget? Use the coupon “STAYHOME” at checkout to enjoy 15% off, and I will match the discount as donations.

If you have any questions at all or want to start a conversation, please reach out. Meanwhile, please consider helping by buying prints or directly donating to the ADF. Any amount helps!

Lastly, I would appreciate it if you can take a minute and share this with a friend through any way—word of mouth, social media, etc. Spreading the word can go a long way. So, thank you!

Stay safe and stay home.

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